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Acquisitions by media companies poised to explode

There’s a lot of social media oriented companies out there–some of our clients among them, like MyList (Facebook app), redpepper (full service agency plus bespoke social marketing tech), or ShopVisible (best post-social ecommerce platform).

Traditional thinking is that they should be positioned as the best “technology” in their field, and will be acquired by a technology as part of the platform.

Sure, Vitrue was taken by Oracle, Yammer by Microsoft, Wildfire by Google, Instagram by Facebook. But Blinq Media (a facebook advertising platform) was just bought by Gannett Media–which owns USA Today. Recent events are resetting the bar on who’s shopping for cool social apps and software.

What is this saying to social media companies and the firms, like Write2Market, that help them make headlines?
That market just got a lot bigger. Think, who will News Corporation, Cox Media, or Time Warner buy?
So industry leaders in the frothy social space, take a note. The social app market just got a lot more attractive, because the market is more open to the companies that HAVE the most content for social platforms, the companies that HAVE been streamlining their operations to go to online models. And the companies with the most incentive (in terms of LOST ad dollars) to go after new markets. In other words, media.