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Fortune 500 pay attention: MyCelx Shares Knowledge, Captures Market Share and PR

By March 7, 2011May 1st, 2013No Comments

Written for: MyCelx

“We are very happy with our results. They’re having a visible effect, not a latent one– and that’s what matters.”

– Harikrishnan Parthasarathy, Lead Engineer, MyCelx

Feature articles get visible results.

Write2Market works with MyCelx every day, developing their unique, inspirational story, and delivering it to the media that their current and future clients read every day. The results, like this featured article in Ship Building Industry Magazine , are undeniable.

The article W2M developed translated directly into qualified leads.

Feature article writers make it easy on you.

W2M refuses to sit back and just watch for opportunities– we seek and deliver featured articles on a regular basis.

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Download this sample.