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Write2Market Named On Agency Post’s Top 100

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W2M PR Agency Ranks Among Top 100 Agencies in U.S.

Agency Post today rolled out its annual ranking of the top 100 advertising, media and public relations agencies in the country. Write2Market, an Atlanta tech public relations firm, is thrilled to be on the list at #76, one of only two Atlanta agencies in the national list. “When we found out, we posted it on LinkedIn and got some amazing compliments,” said Lisa Calhoun, CEO at Write2Market. “One of my favorite was by Alexander Toland with GE Energy, who said ‘write2market is not just an agency, you’re a catalyst for change.’”

Agency Post’s Agency 100 is not simply a list of the fastest growing agencies, although audited financials were a part of the selection process. According to Jami Oetting, Executive Editor, “fortitude, strong relationships, great work and strategic ideas” were also factored into the ranking.

Write2Market specializes in building company valuation through recognizable industry leadership. The firm’s proprietary Triple A Industry Leadership Methodology(r) and cloud-based Triple A software platform is powered by a team of top notch publicists, writers and social media gurus. “We’re grateful to our clients, our team and to Agency Post for this recognition,” says Lisa.

Continuing to take the lead in crafting powerful business reputations, Write2Market is hosting an Industry Leadership Summit this fall. All B2B business leaders who want to carve a path to recognizable industry leadership are invited– see

Business valuation and IR

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Investor relations can be achieved and harnessed through a media relations strategy encompassing the overall valuation of the business. By translating value into a more personal relationship, a mutual understanding of value is realized resulting in successful investor relations. Contact us at Write2Market today to learn how we create recognized industry leaders.

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Top 3 trends in energy PR

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Energy PR trend 1:

Integration of conference, social media, and traditional media. To illustrate this trend, let me tell a story around one of our clients–Mycelx, a company that removes oil from water streams to 99.9% purity, and works globally. This year for Offshore Technology Conference, we submitted an application for their consideration as New Technology Spotlight. As a first time OTC attendee, the company was thrilled to be selected by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for this honor–which given the competition level, USED to be enough to drive booth traffic and create a terrific event. But in today’s more integrated age, close coordination with the on-site newspaper, with the pre-show weekly enewsletter, and Twitter outreach on site is what created an outstanding presence. No one thing can be identified as a “game changer” in today’s [intlink id=”2797″ type=”post”]energy public relations[/intlink] successes–given a great product or service offering, the game-changer tends to be “integration.”

Energy PR trend 2:

Social Isn’t Stupid. To put it bluntly, while you can hear that the decision makers in energy aren’t on social “yet” and so it’s a waste of effort, two key groups ARE on social media–major business and trade journalists, and energy consumers. Enough said. Not all publicity is designed to reach only a c-level executive at a multi-billion dollar company. One of Write2Market’s energy PR clients was recently interviewed for an hour during Energy Week on MSNBC–terrific placement for investors and building the firm’s value. One of the anchor’s last questions was, what’s your Twitter handle. He created one right after the segment.

Energy PR trend 3:

Weave Awards. Often overlooked, as different media properties such as Forbes, Inc Magazine, Crain’s, and Platt’s are pressured to distinguish themselves and develop deeper reader followings, one of the  avenues is by creating a signature award. Winning these awards takes a terrific application, but our [intlink id=”2815″ type=”post”]energy public relations[/intlink] clients like Mansfield Oil have found awards to be a key component of building better relationships across the industry. For example, by winning both the top energy award from Information Week 500 and one of the top 10 CIO awards, the downstream distribution giant has hard evidence to help convince the Fortune 250 that their IT infrastructure is second to none in the sector. Not only that, but they get “in the room” with other CIOs and industry leaders with whom relationships can be forged.

What’s your favorite [intlink id=”65″ type=”page”]energy PR[/intlink] trend? We’d love to find out! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Energy PR for next generation outreach

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New media + traditional energy PR services

Write2Market’s energy PR practice is built on our Triple A industry leadership methodology. Whether working for Stena Sonangol tanker fleet, the oil removal specialists at Mycelx, or downstream authorities like Mansfield Oil and Ed Staub Energy, Write2Market is able to help create the Access to decision makers, the Awareness among buyers, and the Awards that create credibility. Read our  [intlink id=”2815″ type=”post” ]energy PR[/intlink] case study on how we helped one of our energy clients net over $1 million in coverage in a year, or how we built a global reputation for a local cleantech [intlink id=”2797″ type=”post”]energy firm[/intlink].

Energy PR and new media expertise:

For next generation energy companies, it takes more than traditional energy public relations–following up with Hart Media, Penwell, McGraw Hill,Wall Street Journal, Financial Times . . . Today’s energy PR outreach takes a new blend of clean tech savvy, great relationships online and off, and social media. We create media and social media dashboards that create, distribute and track your message penetration across key markets–from engineers to consumer advocates.

Find out what a difference the next generation approach to [intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]energy PR[/intlink] makes for you.